Meet our scholars

Maria Villagomez

Trimble Technical High School (FWISD)

“I am a Determined Scholar because I do not give up at the sight of failure. I am disciplined and hopeful for my future.” 

Maria is a student who came to the USA from Mexico in 2nd grade. She is determined to be the first in her family to go to college. The eldest of four, Maria is an excellent student and an active volunteer in her church while completing an internship at a local hospital and helping her family. Maria plans to follow a pre-med course in college and ultimately become a nurse.

Brian Dickson Jr.

Young Men’s Leadership Academy (FWISD)

“I am a Determined Scholar because I don’t allow my challenges in life to limit my level of success.” 

A Fort Worth native, Brian Dickson is a quiet young man with an extraordinary passion for the arts and determination to succeed in college and beyond. Brian works part-time to help his family while excelling in school. Brian’s love of the arts helped him become the first student in YMLA history to receive a varsity letter in the arts (theater). Brian is also active in both his church choir and serves as president for the YMLA choir. He plans to major in psychology and hopes to study abroad in Paris.

Daniela Romero

Arlington Heights High School (FWISD)

“I am a Determined Scholar because of my hard work, ambition, and commitment to strive for a better future.” 

Daniela is a native to Fort Worth raised by Mexican immigrant parents. She is extremely motivated to be the first in her family to go to college. Daniela navigates family dynamics and school pressures admirably. She also maintains an intense work schedule and has even found to time to help her mother learn English. Daniela plans to pursue veterinary medicine in college.

Nikita Kabir

Arlington High School (AISD)

“I am a Determined Scholar because I make use of every opportunity I am given and I do not give up.” 

A year ago, Nikita fled Bangladesh for Fort Worth with her mother and little brother. Since enrolling at Arlington High School, Nikita has not only learned to speak English, she is now in several Advanced Placement courses. Nikita works part time while also taking care of her little brother.  She is very interested in medical technology and recently took part in the prestigious Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program.

Jacob Wells

Southwest High School (FWISD)

“I am a Determined Scholar because I am persistent in my pursuit of a strong education to create a better future.”

Jacob is a native to Fort Worth raised by his mother and grandmother. He has demonstrated an extraordinary work ethic, both in school and in his job. In addition to financially helping his family, he is a caregiver and role model for his three younger brothers. Jacob is also very active in with his school’s Broadcast Journalism program and was recently featured in a FWISD PR video. He plans to pursue a degree in journalism and ultimately hopes to work as a sports announcer.

Niang Muang

Trimble Technical High School (FWISD)

“I am a Determined Scholar because I am optimistic for my future.”

Niang and her family came to Fort Worth as refugees from Myanmar. Education has always been a priority in Niang’s home; she will be the first in her family to complete college. Learning English was not easy for Niang but she persevered because she aims to be a role model for her two younger sisters. Niang is active in her church, community events and works part-time while also maintaining a high GPA.  She plans to pursue a career in the medical field with a major in nursing or psychology.

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